Reclaiming the Ordinary

The internet has revolutionized our culture. There is almost no part of our lives that it hasn’t infiltrated. In a lot of ways, that’s made life easier, some might even argue better. For me, however, I’m occasionally struck at how ordinary it’s made everything. It’s not often that I’m surprised by something. There’s very little that is stunning. It’s hard to find something breathtaking. Something new almost isn’t possible.

It’s not that those things don’t exist or the things that were inspiring before are gone, it’s quite the opposite. There are so many things these days that would qualify in this regard that they’ve lost their sharpness. It’s made the magnificent ordinary.

That brings me to the image I saw today. It was captured by David Rankin near Lake Powell in Utah and it stopped me in my tracks. It’s spectacular for many reasons: it’s simpleness, it’s composed well, it’s what used to be breathtaking. And it still can be if you let it. Take a moment, if you will to look at it. Then take another, because if we fail to continue to let things sweep us off our feet, we will lose out on so many beautiful things, things more beautiful than those captured in this image.

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